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Red [
Title: ""
Needs: 'View
References: [
{Rebol/Red Color Names}
if not exists? apps-list-file: %config/ [
make-dir %config
write apps-list-file read
do read apps-list-file
if not exists? apps-icons-list-file: %config/ [
make-dir %config
write apps-icons-list-file read
do read apps-icons-list-file
win: copy [
title "Launcher"
backdrop gold
style cell: image (cell-size)
style cell-with-caption: cell font-name "algerian" font-size 14
append win apps-list
print rejoin [
"You can customize the apps list in "
to-local-file clean-path apps-list-file
"You can customize the apps icons list in "
to-local-file clean-path apps-icons-list-file
view layout compose win