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Red [
Title: ""
Article: [
Title: {html star rating}
Source: [
.title: {ReAdABLE Source [(What is the ReAdABLE Human Format?)](}
.text: {[](
star-ratings: [
.title: {Paste this snippet in GENERAL User.Snippets so that it can be accessible for other languages like ReAdABLE:}
.code: {
"html-star-rating": {
"prefix": "html-star-rating",
"body": [
"&middot; <span>★</span><span>★</span><span>★</span><span>★</span><span>☆</span>"
"description": "html-star-rating"
.title: {If you need to recreate it with Easy Snippet, start with this snippet (don’t forget to add $ in front of variables):}
.code: {
do read