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Subtitles projection for festivals
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Subtivals, a program to project Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASS, .ass) and Subrip (.srt) subtitles.


Hard copies for film festivals do not always carry subtitles, especially for the hard-of-hearing.

Subtivals goals are the projection and the control of subtitles superimposed on a cinema screen; Projecting subtitles on top of another screen is called soft-titling, surtitling, supertitling or even sometimes electronic subtitles, virtual subtitles.


Subtivals is fully automatic, but its semi-manual mode also allows to project subtitles at theaters (or opera, ballets, concerts and other cultural events...).


Subtivals was used during the following film festivals :

And is being used by professionals worldwide :

Contact-us to add yours!

Main features

  • Control play/pause/delay/speed
  • Switch between several modes : timecode based, semi-automatic or fully manual
  • Ass styles (italic, positions, colors)
  • Override styles (color, font size, margins, alignments)
  • Text outline (color and width)
  • Easily adjust position and size of screen window with the mouse
  • Configure presets for screen positions and overriden styles
  • Support of screen rotation
  • Calibration mode (for both SRT and ASS)
  • Support for subtitles without timecodes (fixes duration automatically)
  • Support for dual head (Xinerama) setup
  • Hide desktop (fullscreen) on screen monitor
  • Feedback on number of characters per second
  • Reload subtitles file if modified while playing
  • Runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OSX
  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Catalan

Subtivals is written in C++/Qt and has no other external dependencies.


Video mixer (Chroma-key) support

If you have a video mixer, then a separate projector is not necessary for inlaying subtitles !



Subtivals installer is available on Ubuntu, and can be installed by adding the following PPA to your Software Sources:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mathieu.leplatre/subtivals
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install subtivals

For Windows and Mac OS installers, you can try out the demo version or contact us by email !


See Also

  • Aegisub, a powerful ASS subtitles editor;
  • Qstit, an another subtitle projection program, by Nova Cinema;
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