🎓 This is the sum of the efforts I am making on becoming an awesome data scientist
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My Data Science Degree

This is an aggregate of the materials I studied in an attempt to become a data scientist. I call it my own data science "degree".

Not all of these have certificates and this is not the goal. My goal is to create a place to keep the things I studied together. This can be to easily help people beggining as well, to remember myself how much I studied and to avoid my insecurity sometimes. :)



Subject Course Name Institution Finish date
Machine Learning Machine Learning Coursera (Andrew Ng) Dec/17
Machine Learning Machine Learning Hekima Dec/17
Data Engineer Data Engineer Hekima Dec/17
Database M001: MongoDB Basics Mongo University Jan/18
Machine Learning Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Udacity Sep/18
Game Theory Welcome to Game Theory Coursera Nov/18



Subject Type Name
Big Data Online Tutorial Kafka - Core concepts
Computer Science Online Videos Course Computer Science Crash Course - Carrie Anne Philbin
Management Talk Data Science as a Team Sport - Angela Bassa
Big Data Online Tutorial Curso de Big Data - Ricardo Paiva
Ethics Talk Weapons of math destruction - Cathy O'Neil
Data Visualization Talk [Making data mean more through storytelling
Data Visualization Talk Storytelling with data - Cole Nussbaumer
Databases Talk Introduction to NoSQL - Martin Fowler
Education Talk Data-Driven Education - Khurram Virani](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3eO8gYmWCc&t=433s)