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Reading Message Server (RMSN)

Built for Intended as a drop-in replacement for Pusher, specifically on Heroku but generally anywhere. Kept afloat by now.js on top of node.js and Express.

Application Server

This is the core of RMSN, or rather RMSN itself. It's guided, very simply, by a few config variables and some credentials.

###Configuration Variables

  • REDIRECT_URL - When this is set, all non-nowjs GET requests will be redirected to the specified URL
  • USE_SOCKETS true (default) | false - Disables websockets when set to false. This is useful when deploying to platforms that decline to support sockets, such as Heroku

###Credentials Credentials are set through environmental variables using the following format:


For instance, an API credential for app 1234 with key killerrandomkey and secret supersecretphrase would look like this:


You can set as many credentials as you like. Go wild.

Client Libraries

###Javascript To include RMSN in your client side app, just add these three lines to the <head> of your HTML, replacing with your RMSN server:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

RMSN piggybacks on the Pusher JS library so most, if not all, of your existing code will work as-is.

####A note about now.ready(); It's important to note that you'll probably need to wrap your code with now.ready(), much as you would with jQuery's $(document).ready(). If you're seeing errors like Object has no method 'subscribe', it's because your code is being executed before nowjs has fully loaded. Only code that accesses RMSN immediately on page load needs this wrapper and index.html contains a good example.

###Support RMSN is a work in progress. As such, there are bits of the Pusher API that aren't yet supported, marked with strikethroughs.

  • Connection
    • Connecting
    • Disconnecting
    • Connection States
  • Channels
    • Public Channels
    • Private Channels
    • Presence Channels
  • Events (limited support)
  • Presence Events
  • Global config
    • Pusher.channel_auth_endpoint
    • Pusher.log

Don't see your feature supported? Send a pull request!

Publisher Libraries

RMSN works with most of the standard Pusher publisher libraries. Simply specify your RMSN server in place of the Pusher's and the rest should take care of itself. Library specific are details below with as an example RMSN server endpoint. You knew that.

###Ruby Configure the Ruby gem using the URL method:

An example configuration in config/environments/development.rb of a Rails application might look like this:

Pusher.url = ''

If you're using Heroku, make sure to remove the Pusher add-on, otherwise your configuration will more than likely be overwritten upon deployment.

###PHP Specify your host like so:

$pusher = new Pusher($key, $secret, $app_id, $debug, '');

Deploying to Heroku

Create your Heroku app on a Cedar stack

heroku create --stack cedar

Disable sockets since Heroku doesn't support them

heroku config:add USE_SOCKETS=false

Set the NODE_ENV variable, needed by Express

heroku config:add NODE_ENV=production

Add a credential as explained in Credentials above

heroku config:add KEY_killerrandomkey=1234:supersecretphrase

Push the code to Heroku

git push heroku master

Additional instructions for running Node.js applications on Heroku can be found here.

Save Everything

RMSN, the acronym, is an homage to Shipping News, a seminal band from the birthplace of post-rock – Louisville KY. You've been done a disservice by your friends and your family if this is the first mention of Shipping News that you've come across, especially here in the age of real time messaging systems.

Shipping News' Kyle Crabtree is one of the most tasteful and nuanced drummers in music today. His timing is, surely, even better than that of the humble Reading Message Server; we strive to replicate his timing. It's critical that you listen to Shipping News while implementing RMSN. In fact, the entire thing hinges on it.