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Reading Message Server (RMSN)
-Built for and currently powering [](
+Built for [](
Intended as a drop-in replacement for [Pusher](,
specifically on [Heroku]( but generally anywhere.
Kept afloat by [now.js]( on top of [node.js](
@@ -72,10 +72,13 @@ Don't see your feature supported? Send a pull request!
Publisher Libraries
-###Ruby Gem
-RMSN works with the standard [Pusher Gem](
-Simply install it as you would normally but when configuring, use the [URL
+RMSN works with most of the standard [Pusher publisher libraries](
+Simply specify your RMSN server in place of the Pusher's ``
+and the rest should take care of itself. Library specific are details below
+with `` as an example RMSN server endpoint. You knew that.
+Config that Ruby gem using the [URL method](
with this scheme:
@@ -88,6 +91,11 @@ Rails application might look like this:
If you're using Heroku, make sure to remove the Pusher add-on, otherwise
your configuration will more than likely be overwritten upon deployment.
+Specify your host like so:
+ $pusher = new Pusher($key, $secret, $app_id, $debug, '');
Deploying to Heroku

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