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Mirror of Codeplex/TFS
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Big performance improvement for compiled libraries by allowing cross …

…assembly method references.

Compiled libraries are now loaded from disk, and not memory anymore.
Add optimizer pass to eliminate tail calls if the callee can be proven to be non-recursive.
Udpate bootfile.

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Mirror of Codeplex/TFS

Note: Previous SVN mirror has been hosed due to Codeplex SVN not working anymore. You can find the last SVN version at The history is identical.


  1. Open the IronScheme2008.sln file in VS2008, VS2010, VS2012, VS2013 or VS2015
  2. Allow the project to be converted if needed
  3. Set startup project as IronScheme.Console
  4. Set the solution profile to Release (optional, but recommended)


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