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C# Scheme
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New VS addin

Rewritten from scratch. Only runs on VS2012 for now.


Create a file called '' in the VS extensions directory (not the one plugin where the plugin is installed).

Add the following to point to your IronScheme or any library location:

  (append (library-path) 
          (list "your location")))

This will run when either the REPL or classifier is run for the first time.

Todo list

[*] Classifier
[*] ErrorTagger
[*] SmartIndent (need much better behavior)
[*] Interactive window
[ ] Outliner
[ ] Snippets
[ ] Project support
[ ] Editor options
[ ] SignatureHelper
[ ] DropDowns
[ ] IEditorOperationsFactoryService
[ ] Strip trailing whitespace on save

Extra 'tooltips'

[ ] Show import location (perhaps 'goto definition' and maybe add for imported methods too, if source is available)
[ ] Procedure info for those defined in the source code (currently only hightlighted)
[ ] Info for locals (perhaps arrows like DrRacket does?)

Parser improvements

[ ] Fault tolerant parsing
[ ] Missing syntax completion (specifically parentheses)

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