⚡️ A zero-config bundler for JavaScript applications.
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Poi is a modular web application bundler which requires no config until needed. For more information on using Poi, see the Poi 11 documentation website (WIP).

The Poi project is supported by our Backers and funded through Patreon.

The current stable version is Poi 10, please check out the old website, it's still maintained.


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  • Zero config Rapid Prototyping
    With just a single JavaScript file you can instantly preview it in your browser.

  • Interactive Project Scaffolding
    Scaffold out a complete project with desired features in minutes.

  • Framework Agnostic
    Build with your favorite framework or vanilla JavaScript.

  • Fully Extensible
    A rich collection of official plugins intergrating the best tools in the web ecosystem.
    A powerful plugin API for making your own plugins.

Quick Start

npm i -g create-poi-app
create-poi-app my-app