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Weixin implementation in Flask.
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Flask-Weixin is the implementation for with the flavor of Flask. It can be used without Flask too.

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You can install Flask-Weixin with pip:

$ pip install Flask-Weixin

Or, with setuptools easy_install in case you didn't have pip:

$ easy_install Flask-Weixin

Getting Started

Eager to get started? It is always the Flask way to create a new instance:

from flask_weixin import Weixin

weixin = Weixin(app)

Or pass the app later:

weixin = Weixin()

However, you need to configure before using it, here is the configuration list:

  • WEIXIN_TOKEN: this is required
  • WEIXIN_SENDER: a default sender, optional
  • WEIXIN_EXPIRES_IN: not expires by default

For Flask user, it is suggested that you use the default view function:

app.add_url_rule('/', view_func=weixin.view_func)

def reply(**kwargs):
    username = kwargs.get('sender')
    sender = kwargs.get('receiver')
    content = kwargs.get('content')
    return weixin.reply(
        username, sender=sender, content=content

The example above will reply anything the user sent.

Or you can register a function to handle a specific keyword:

def reply_help(**kwargs):

this function will be used to handle text message help.

There are more ways to match messages to handlers:

@weixin.register(type='event', event='subscribe')
def send_welcome(**kwargs):
    username = kwargs.get('sender')
    sender = kwargs.get('receiver')
    return weixin.reply(username, sender=sender, content='Thanks for follow!')

this function will send a message to new followers.

Message Types

Every message from weixin has these information:

  • id: message ID
  • receiver: which is ToUserName in the official documentation
  • sender: which is FromUserName in the official documentation
  • type: message type
  • timestamp: message timestamp

Text Type

Text type has an extra data: content.

Image Type

Image type has an extra data: picurl.

Link Type

Link type has extra data:

  • title: article title
  • description: article description
  • url: original url of the article

Location Type

Location type has extra data:

  • location_x
  • location_y
  • scale
  • label

Event Type

Event type has extra data:

  • event
  • event_key
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • precision

Voice Type

Event type has extra data:

  • media_id
  • format
  • recognition
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