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Unofficial GitHub Cards

Card for your GitHub profile, card for your GitHub repositories.

Donate lepture

GitHub Cards Preview

New theme available

GitHub Cards Medium Theme


The cards are hosted via GitHub Pages.

Visit card generator:


You can include the widget.js script, it will create the embed iframes for you.

Example of user card:

<div class="github-card" data-user="lepture"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Example of repo card:

<div class="github-card" data-user="lepture" data-repo="github-cards"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Data parameters:

  • user: GitHub username
  • repo: GitHub repository name
  • width: Embed width you want, default is 400
  • height: Embed height you want, default is 200
  • theme: GitHub card theme, default is default
  • target: If you want to open links in new tab, set it to blank
  • client_id: Your app client_id, optional
  • client_secret: Your app client_secret, optional

You can also define in meta tags:

<meta name="gc:base" content="">
<meta name="gc:theme" content="medium">
<meta name="gc:client-id" content="client id string">
<meta name="gc:client-secret" content="client secret string">


There are some limitations for github cards.

  1. GitHub API rate limitation
  2. No interaction. You can't actually follow someone

SSL support

GitHub Cards is available on jsdelivr now. Use widget hosted on jsdelivr:

<div class="github-card" data-user="lepture" data-repo="github-cards"></div>
<script src=""></script>


This project is under the BSD License.

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