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layer.Cake is working to combine several OSS projects in the personal media server space into a single continuous uniform app.
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MIT Licence Discord PM

layer.Cake is a tribute to OSS. A project with the goal of combining several OSS repos into a single uniform front-end. The heart of this project is Plex and so that will be the design language we adopt for everything else we build. The current road map is to incorporate:

  1. Plex - Movies, TV, Live TV, Podcasts
  2. Calibre-Web - eBooks (Completed! - caliBlur)
  3. Ubooquity - Comics
  4. Emby - aBooks (Assuming EmBook gets off the ground) and music (assuming the db issues can be resolved... currently there is no GREAT music option as far as I'm concerned)
  5. Media Butler (coming soon)
  6. Organizr - The glue that will hold it all together

This is a very ambitious task that i expect to take at least another year to complete, however there are already some fully functional branches. Organizr v1 work can be found here, and caliBlur (UI for calibre-web) can be found here


Roll Credits

  • Obviously none of this would be possible without @causefx and the amazing work he has done with Organizr But much more than that (and on a personal level) his extremely patient and encouraging support in my early days of programming is likely responsible for this never ending rabbit hole I've found myself in; Something I'm very grateful for... most days :P Cheers homie!

  • Shout out to team Organizr on discord and reddit. Best online community I've ever had the privilege of being a part of, and an incredible learning experience. layer.Cake is my way of payin it back :)

  • And finally, a massive thanks to @hexeth for joining me on this journey and really stretching everything I thought would be possible with this project. This entire thing would have likely ended with organizr if it wasn't for him!

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