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List of bug fixes since CleverCSS-0.1
9/18/09 - v.0.1.5 - submitted by Tim Babych - The Parser was not aware of negative numbers. Thus any minus sign was an operator, leading to unneeded calculations. Say, "margin: -2px -2px" was converted into "margin: -4px"
9/18/09 - v.0.1.5 - submitted by Tim Babych - LineIterator was not filtering out "\n"s that were left after trimming /* comments */, causing an exception in Parser
9/01/09 - v.0.1.4 - submitted by David Niergarth and 'Lasse' - Missing None check in Engine.evaluate which causes context to always be reset to {}.
4/20/09 - v.0.1.3 - submitted by Antti Kaihola - Using the rgb_to_hls() and hls_to_rgb() functions in CleverCSS to convert colors back and forth reveals a mistake in the HLS to RGB algorithm. Fractional parts are stripped when rounding should be done instead.
4/15/09 - v.0.1.2 - submited by David Ziegler - // comments out a line, which causes problems if you want to make an external http request. For example, background: url( would throw an error because // was being parsed as a comment. Updated the regular expression so that :// expressions will not be parsed as comments.
4/15/09 - v.0.1.2 - submitted by David Ziegler - Subtraction was broken, i.e. 200px - 50px would return 250px instead of 150px
4/02/09 - v.0.1.1 - submitted by David Ziegler - Running $python format.ccss would return a file called ccss.css instead of format.css
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