Simple, quick Amazon AWS S3 interface in Python
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##Overview A fairly simple, decently quick interface to Amazon's S3 storage service.

It grew out of frustration with other libraries that were either written too pragmatically (slow), too bloatedly, or just half-done.

The module aims for:

  • simplicity,
  • decent speed,
  • non-intrusiveness.

It really is designed to fit into programmer memory. The three basic operations are as easy as with dictionaries.


Requires Python 2.5+ and nose for running tests. Python 3 support is not yet available. Apart from that, the code relies solely on Python standard libraries.


pip install simples3


Access to a bucket is done via the S3Bucket class. It has three required arguments:

from simples3.bucket import S3Bucket

s = S3Bucket(bucket,
print s  
#<S3Bucket ... at ''>

To add a file, simply do

s.put("my file", "my content")

To retrieve a file do

f = s.get("my file")
#my content

To retrieve information about a file, do

print f.s3_info["mimetype"]

print f.s3_info.keys()
#['mimetype', 'modify', 'headers', 'date', 'size', 'metadata']

To delete a file, do

del s["my file!"]

For more detailed documentation, refer here


###IRC #sendapatch on