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#!/usr/bin/env python
import unittest
import datetime
import doctest
import urllib2
from urllib import addinfourl
from StringIO import StringIO
from import eq_
import simples3
from simples3.utils import rfc822_fmt
# httplib.HTTPMessage is useless for mocking contexts, use own
class MockHTTPMessage(object):
def __init__(self, d=None):
self._m = {}
if not d:
if hasattr(d, "items"):
d = d.items()
for n, v in d:
self[n] = v
def __iter__(self): return self.iteritems()
def __getitem__(self, n): return self._m[unicode(n).lower()]
def __setitem__(self, n, v): self._m[unicode(n).lower()] = v
def __delitem__(self, n): del self._m[unicode(n).lower()]
def items(self): return self._m.items()
def iteritems(self): return self._m.iteritems()
class MockHTTPHandler(urllib2.HTTPHandler):
def __init__(self, resps, reqs):
self.resps = resps
self.reqs = reqs
def http_open(self, req):
resp = self.resps.pop(0)
eq_(resp.geturl(), req.get_full_url())
return resp
def http_request(self, req):
req = urllib2.HTTPHandler.http_request(self, req)
return req
# TODO Will need a second mock handler when adding support for HTTPS
class MockBucket(simples3.S3Bucket):
def __init__(self, *a, **k):
self.mock_responses = []
self.mock_requests = []
super(MockBucket, self).__init__(*a, **k)
def build_opener(self):
mockhttp = MockHTTPHandler(self.mock_responses, self.mock_requests)
return urllib2.build_opener(mockhttp)
def add_resp(self, path, headers, data, status="200 OK"):
fp = StringIO(data)
msg = MockHTTPMessage(headers)
url = self.base_url + path
resp = addinfourl(fp, msg, url)
resp.code, resp.msg = status.split(" ", 1)
resp.code = int(resp.code)
def mock_reset(self):
self.mock_responses[:] = []
self.mock_requests[:] = []
class gType(object):
g = type("GType", (object,), {})()
g.bucket = None
def setup_package():
# Use the fake S3 credentials from the S3 Developer Guide
g.bucket = MockBucket("johnsmith",
def teardown_package():
g.bucket = None
def H(ctype, *hpairs):
n =
msg = MockHTTPMessage([
("x-amz-request-id", "abcdef"),
("x-amz-id-2", "foobar"),
("Server", "AmazonS3"),
("Date", n.strftime(rfc822_fmt))])
msg["Content-Type"] = ctype
for h, v in hpairs:
msg[h] = v
return msg
g.H = H
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