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Changes in simples3 1.0

  • Made simples3 a "flat package", imports work as usual.
  • Refactored url_for to make_url_authed, make_url.
  • Added an optional timeout argument to the S3Bucket class.
  • Added nose-based testing.
  • Added support for streaming with poster.streaminghttp.
  • Added support for Google App Engine.

Changes in simples3 0.5

  • Add S3-to-S3 copy method.

Changes in simples3 0.4

  • Minor fixes, released as 0.4 mostly because the previous version naming scheme was a bad idea.
  • 0.4.1: Made the put method retry on HTTP 500.
  • 0.4.1: Fix a critical error in signature generation when metadata is given.

Changes in simples3 0.3

  • Add a url_for method on buckets which lets you use expiring URLs. Thanks to Pavel Repin.
  • Much better test coverage.
  • simples3 now works on Python 2.6's mimetypes module.
  • r1: Handle HTTP errors in exception parser better, which broke the existence test.