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"""Streaming with :mod:`simples3` via :mod:`poster.streaminghttp`
>>> bucket = StreamingS3Bucket("")
>>> bucket.put_file("huge_cd.iso", "foo/huge_cd.iso", acl="public-read")
>>> with open("foo/huge_cd.iso", "rb") as fp:
... bucket.put_file("memdump.bin", fp)
import os
import urllib2
from simples3.bucket import S3Bucket
class ProgressCallingFile(object):
__slots__ = ("fp", "pos", "size", "progress")
def __init__(self, fp, size, progress):
self.fp = fp
self.pos = fp.tell()
self.size = size
self.progress = progress
def __getattr__(self, attnam):
return getattr(self.fp, attnam)
def read(self, *a, **k):
chunk =*a, **k)
self.pos += len(chunk)
self.progress(self.pos, self.size, len(chunk))
return chunk
class StreamingMixin(object):
def put_file(self, key, fp, acl=None, metadata={}, progress=None,
size=None, mimetype=None, transformer=None, headers={}):
"""Put file-like object or filename *fp* on S3 as *key*.
*fp* must have a read method that takes a buffer size, and must behave
correctly with regards to seeking and telling.
*size* can be specified as a size hint. Otherwise the size is figured
out via ``os.fstat``, and requires that *fp* have a functioning
``fileno()`` method.
*progress* is a callback that might look like ``p(current, total,
last_read)``. ``current`` is the current position, ``total`` is the
size, and ``last_read`` is how much was last read. ``last_read`` is
zero on EOF.
headers = headers.copy()
do_close = False
if not hasattr(fp, "read"):
fp = open(fp, "rb")
do_close = True
if size is None and hasattr(fp, "fileno"):
size = os.fstat(fp.fileno()).st_size
if "Content-Length" not in headers:
if size is None:
raise TypeError("no size given and fp does not have a fileno")
headers["Content-Length"] = str(size)
if progress:
fp = ProgressCallingFile(fp, int(size), progress)
self.put(key, data=fp, acl=acl, metadata=metadata,
mimetype=mimetype, transformer=transformer,
if do_close:
class UnimplementedStreamingMixin(StreamingMixin):
exc_text = """it appears you forgot to install a streaming http library\n
for example, you could run ``sudo easy_install poster``
def build_opener(cls):
raise NotImplementedError(cls.exc_text)
default_stream_mixin = UnimplementedStreamingMixin
from poster.streaminghttp import StreamingHTTPHandler
except ImportError:
class PosterStreamingMixin(StreamingMixin):
def build_opener(cls):
return urllib2.build_opener(StreamingHTTPHandler)
default_stream_mixin = PosterStreamingMixin
class StreamingS3Bucket(default_stream_mixin, S3Bucket): pass
if __name__ == "__main__":
import doctest