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A styleguide based on Leroy Merlin needs
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CodeShip npm version

A front end library to help you make ​your​ grass greener than the other side


Greenkeeper badge


You can manually download our latest release, or install with npm/Bower:


npm install garden


bower install garden



<link href="" rel="stylesheet">


<script scr=""></script>


Garden documentation is built with Metalsmith and publicly hosted on Github Pages at

Running locally

  1. Run npm install.
  2. Run npm run gulp.
  3. Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Using Docker

Alternatively, you can install and run the application using a docker container.

Installing Docker

On Ubuntu
On macOS
On Windows

Testing docker installation

Docker version:

docker --version

Docker-compose version:

docker-compose --version


After having docker and docker-compose setup on your machine you can simply run these commands to run the project:

  1. Run docker-compose build (Setup container)
  2. Run docker-compose run --rm web npm install (Install dependencies)
  3. Run docker-compose up (Run webserver)


Checkout the contributing section to learn more on how to open issues, create pull requests, commit standards and more.


Garden follows SEMVER standards


MIT License

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