Code to detect planar grasps
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Grasp Detector

Code to detect planar grasps using the model learnt in

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Getting Started

This should help you run a learnt grasp detector model on a sample image. Running this code requires the following dependencies:

  • Python 2.7
  • TensorFlow (version 1.0)
# Instructions to install TensorFlow 1.0
# Option 1
Install TensorFlow with GPU support from

# Option 2
# Check available tensorflow wheel files
curl -s |xmllint --format - |grep whl | grep gpu
# Install the version that works for your computer
pip install<Replace with wheel name>
  • argparse ('pip install argparse')
  • cv2 ('conda install -c menpo opencv=2.4.11' or install opencv from source)
  • numpy ('pip install numpy' or 'conda install numpy')

Getting Grasp Models

Download the learnt grasp models from and move it to the folder models.

# From the repository
mv Grasp_model ./models/.


Run grasp detector that should run the model on the image by sampling patches and displaying the best grasp on the image. Press any key to exit.

# For CPU 
python --im ./approach.jpg --model ./models/Grasp_model --nbest 5 --nsamples 250 --gscale 0.234 --gpu -1

# For GPU
python --im ./approach.jpg --model ./models/Grasp_model --nbest 5 --nsamples 1000 --gscale 0.234 --gpu 0


Lerrel Pinto -- lerrelpATcsDOTcmuDOTedu.