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Loop stuff.
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For Statamic V2.x

Loop stuff.

Loop over something n times or between a range.


Drop Loop folder in your site/addons


  • from: Where to begin the loop. Defaults to 1.
  • times: Number of times to loop.
  • to: Where to end the loop.

Use either times or to. Do not use both.


  • value: The current value of the loop.
  • index: The number of the iteration.
  • zero_index: The zero-based index.


Count to 10.

{{ loop times="10" }}
  {{ value }}
{{ /loop }}

Number based pagination.

{{ entries:listing folder="calendar" limit="10" }}
    <li>{{ title }}</li>
{{ /entries:listing }}

{{ entries:pagination folder="calendar" limit="10" }}
    {{ loop times="{ total_pages }" }}
        {{ if index == current_page }}
            {{ index }}
        {{ else }}
            <a href="{{ url }}?page={{ index }}">{{ index }}</a>
        {{ endif }}
    {{ /loop }}
{{ /entries:pagination }}

Year selection

<select name="year">
{{ loop from="1995" to="2015" }}
  <option value="{{ value }}">{{ value }}</option>
{{ /loop }}

Automatically reverse the order when from is larger than to

<select name="year">
{{ loop from="2016" to="2010" }}
  <option value="{{ value }}">{{ value }}</option>
{{ /loop }}
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