MAME 0.37B5 for iOS devices. 64-bit, rebuilt from the original 0.37B5 source code, SpriteKit renderer.
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lesbird Triple buffer exploration
Attempting to improve iPhone 7 performance by implementing a triple
buffer. Did not seem to help. I think the performance issue is in
another area of the code.

Disabling vsync() as the frame sync is handled using a timer instead of
vertical sync.
Latest commit c187a78 Jan 16, 2017


MAME 0.37b5 for iOS devices. 64-bit, rebuilt from the original 0.37b5 source code, SpriteKit renderer.

Uses SKMutableTexture for the render surface.

Supports MFi controllers and iCade.

Based on the original MAME 0.37b5 source code as downloaded from the MAMEDev website. Compatible with MAME4all rom set. The entire project has been designed for iOS and tvOS devices.

64 bit Xcode build project.

Using SpriteKit allows for porting to all iOS devices including the AppleTV and tvOS.

The project is 64-bit compliant and has been tested on iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 13 and Apple TV 4th Gen.

Front end for iOS devices is based on UITableView. For tvOS it is a scrolling list of games controlled via an MFi controller.

What's working: Most "supported" MAME4ALL games. Framerate for games I tested so far is smooth. Audio works but is not perfect. Graphics work for all tested games but some games do not display properly (scaling to fit screen dimensions). iCade and MFi controllers. AppleTV running tvOS.