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Apostrophe Landing

This is Apostrophe Landing template for ApostropheCMS and used for the website and potentially yours. See for a live demo. It consists of some public files and two modules : lagrandepage and two-column-widget. Everything is in the repository.

More credits: I, @chris2fr am the initial author of this Apostrophe Landing, itself based on My Landing Page project, itself based on React-Landing-Page-Template, itself based on the "Interact" template from and using the Proton Javascript particule libarary. I have removed JQuery and put everything in Bootstrap. Consider using Apostrophe CMS. It is good for you, your webserver, your editors and your viewers.


  • Up to 7 personalized content sections plus a header and a footer
  • Responsive
  • Generic
  • Pretty

See for a working demo.

Installation Instructions

Follow installation instructions for ApostropheCMS and then plop the contents for this repository into the modules folder.

Add the following to @apostrophe/page/index.js:

module.exports = {
  options: {
    types: [
        name: 'a-landing-page',
        label: 'Apostrophe Landing Page'
        name: 'a-landing-page-inside-page',
        label: 'Apostrophe Landing / Inside Page'

This code creates a page type called "A Landing Page." La Grande Page is the landing page. Sections will only appear if the title is present (eg. section 5 will be visible if section5title has some text). The "Short Titles" are only used for the menu. The alternative languages provide links to page names that are the two-letter codes indicated.

To Do

I would like to put the libraries in modules, such as modules/bootstrap and modules/protonjs. These modules would bring just the library assets for the front end.

I would like to personalize the rich-text widget with a wrapper module. This wrapper module could be modules/custom-rich-text-widget. The idea would be to put the custom code there rather than @apostrophe/rich-text-widget. Just more elegant maybe.

Implement a guide from apostrophecms/apostrophe-guides specific to this module / page type.

My i18n is hacked and I am sure there is a more harmonious way of doing it in Apostrophe. I also have lang="en" on the main page when the actual language is "fr" in my case. I need to figure out how to configure the current page language.

Please Contribute if You Use

If you are able to improve things, or would just be so kind as to share your use of this template (even if intranet), I am appreciative. This is AGPL, so we try to share our improvements.

There are quite a few issues, I am sure, with the correct use of Apostrophe CMS. I almost would like the bootstrap, proton and rich-text configuration options to be in separate modules rather than modifying files directly in modules/@apostrophecms. I don't quite understand how I can get a javascript defer call without using the global public repository. I am learning, so some patience with me please.


Chris Mann


This is the My Landing Page template transposed to Apostrophe CMS







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