ERROR: couldn't find file 'hogan.js' #6

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I have these line sin my manifest file:
//= require hogan.js
//= require_tree ./templates

Where am I going wrong? Thx


Hi @jmwhittaker,

The hogan.js file is included in the gem, under vendor/assets/javascripts. Are you including the gem in a bundler group that is not being loaded?


Hey @leshill

I'm having the same issue. I've uploaded my Gemfile to

Any Ideas on how to fix this? The same source works well on a coworkers laptop.

Thanks for your hard work!


Hi @Weluse-Gast,

Do you mind posting the Gemfile instead of the lockfile?

Also, try this:

//= require hogan


Hey @leshill,

thanks for your answer. I tried in my application.js require hogan with

//= require hogan

but nothing changed, the hogan.js could not be found.

Here ist my Gemfile you asking for.


Hi @Weluse-Gast,

Not seeing anything obvious in the Gemfile.

As a workaround, you can copy the hogan.js file into app/assets/javascripts.


I had this same problem (running in 'development'). Restarting the server fixed it.


Hi @leshill,

after puting the hogan.js into app/assets/javascript the application run in development mode. But in testmode the tests can not find the HoganTemplates. Have you any idea, why the tests can not find the templates?


Hi @Weluse-Gast,

That is unexpected. Have you run the server in test mode?


I've also had problems loading Hogan in my test environment

I eventually got around it by creating a separate interface for HoganTemplates and passing it in as a injectable dependancy

class window.MyClass
   constructor: (@template = new HoganTempateBuilder) ->

...and in my spec:

beforeEach ->
  @fake_template = { render: -> "" }
  @render = sinon.stub(@fake_template, 'render', -> '<li>THE MUSTACHE TEMPLATE</li>')
  @loader = new MyClass(@fake_template)

I believe this has to do with the fact the gem was included in group assets... I will close the issue for now, if it still exists please indicate!


Ah yes, I had the same issue until I removed the group :assets around the gem call. Maybe this is only an issue in Rails 4. In any case, the README should be updated.

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