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@lesovsky lesovsky released this Feb 9, 2019 · 23 commits to master since this release


680d081 Added dependencies downloading before building
c3aed31 Changelog file is returned
bf8c8d2 Merge branch 'dev'
0978622 Merge pull request #46 from andyone/master
a2ab4d0 added CGO_ENABLED=0
68fb4a8 added goreleaser support
549d54b added wait events profiling
fc8dd3b cast all numeric to the same precision
201a688 command management refactoring: config: moved parameters check from main program code to command management code config: emit error if neither '-i' nor '-u' specified profile: emit error if '-P' is not specified
d9a5906 doc improvements and fixes
bb1eeaa fix division by zero in query to pg_stat_user_functions
4cf170a fix travis config
088705e fix travis config, try 2
f6de7d4 fixed GoReport recommendations top: fix wrong masks handling when cancel/terminate group of backends fixed cyclomatic complexity in functions added proper comments for variables and methods done code formatting
3d5a44a lib/stat: fix wrong calculation of hits values
c303834 lib/utils/postgres: remove explicit sslmode from connectin string
90cad1e output aligning rewritten: - fixed aligning for 'top' command - dynamic aligning for 'report' command - two new hotkeys in 'top', have been introduced which allow to change width of active columns (up/down arrows) - column width map moved from PGresult level to Context - aligning is performed once when first stats displayed - stat.Print() marked as deprecated - fixed couple IDE's warnings (unused variables)
3e1ba7a pg_stat_database query fixes: - strict cast of blk_read_time and blk_write_time to numeric helps to avoid some kind of errors in diff/sort operations - show blks_read in kilobytes - clarify builtin help add error check into PGresult.New()
4c91221 profile: added docs and examples
b63da12 release 0.6.0
87b64c3 remove tabs from queries (looks ugly when log_destination=syslog)
b7d6c3e removed old commented and unused code
6282caf report: extend built-in help
b43be09 report: show last processed stats file on error\ when something goes wrong and pgcenter is failed to read stats, it shows name of\ last processes stats file within tar file. It helps to debug what was happened.
49a419e some refactoring in connection handling module: added error handling of pq (go driver) related errors added extra error handling in replaceEmptySettings() rewriten PGhost(), use advanced query for getting 'host' value fixed error when attepmting to connect to non-SSL postgres: 'pq: SSL is not enabled on the server'

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