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@github-actions github-actions released this Feb 13, 2021 · 10 commits to master since this release


fda643b Add GH Actions workflows.
d69a7c9 Add TODOs and comments.
96eefb1 Add collector config entity. Read config at collector init.
4238b7f Add comments.
94c01b2 Add executing queries integration tests.
968e3ad Add explicit cast to text to avoid saving numeric values suing scientific notation when scanning values by 'pgx' driver.
3b4c13e Add extra tests for sort method of PGresult.
3ca2f12 Add forgotten comments.
c2e3c50 Add goreleaser configuration.
1e61fd3 Add prefill stat collection.
da41107 Add query execution test across all supported PG version (from 9.5 to 13).
044ef69 Add test for stat/diskstats.
c221fe5 Add test for stat/log, # close conn to postgres after tests.
599a0f9 Add test for stat/log.
4cc393a Add test for stat/postgres, #1. Move align functions to dedicated package.
cb30e29 Add test for stat/postgres, #2. Code rearrangement (rename vars, functions).
8f982b7 Add test for stat/stat.
02b41c3 Add test target into Makefile.
7d90705 Add tests for internal/align; adjust function (remove unreachable path).
b2fbc55 Add tests for internal/math, internal/postgres.
b994b1d Add tests for internal/query, Refactor const names.
d47b2e4 Add tests for internal/view.
9c81b1a Add tests for stat/netdev.
d3c63e0 Add tests for top/config, top/config_view.
2918fb9 Adding linting #1: - enable golangci-lint; - comment unused code in ethtool. Don't remove it, hope I will use it in future.
d540ce0 Adding linting #2: fix variable name.
36fe95a Adding linting #3: fix lint warnings.
d4f351d Adding linting #4: fix rest of lint warnings.
06f2efa Adding linting #5: add gosec, fix/suppress gosec warnings.
92e4723 Adjust README, Changelog and docs accordingly to made changes.
e77774c Attempt to fix test which hangs when executing under GH Actions, #2.
43b2b31 Attempt to fix test which hangs when executing under GH Actions, #3.
bd2207c Avoid unneeded space removing.
7669aa6 Cmd: rename variable name, tiny comments edits.
6919a26 Comment out broken test.
17c49bc Copy 'stat' module to internal/ dir; remove 'context' from the copy; swap stat module in 'top' program.
6154cdb Enable dummy 'record' sub-command.
6c32ff5 Enable dummy report/cmd; refactor functions; add tests.
5f75e1a Enable iostat.
123b843 Enable logtail; move log-related functions to stat pkg.
e081a13 Enable netdev (former nicstat).
6d44cc7 Enable the rest of 'report' code.
7780d4f Enabling rest functionality of 'record' sub-command.
8fe0195 Fix error when converting numbers in scientific notation as integers.
62c43c5 Fix file descriptors leak when opening stat/log files.
92f57d8 Fix password prompt when unable connect to Postgres due to failed auth.
dc97397 Fix progress.
937916e Fix reconnect to postgres if connection failed.
e9fe82c Fix refresh interval logic.
0e7514d Fix statements report queries which produces wrong totals and ratios.
c260d08 Fix typo, fix TODO, add another TODO.
45c8bf0 GH Actions: run release workflow only on pushes to 'release' branch.
026b1b5 Help screen edits.
5122663 Introduce new mainLoop() instead of uiLoop(). New loop uses channel approach - one stats collector goroutine collects stats and send it over channel to printer goroutine.
69cfccf Make Configure method of query.Options as a object constructor.
4842aa9 Make lib/ as deprecated.
5548ea0 Make the following functions workings: change refresh interval.
b35e7dd Make the following functions workings: open configs in PAGER, EDITOR programs.
9524cff Make the following functions workings: switching between columns, switch sort order, change width.
662b513 Make the following functions workings: switching to pg_stat_statements/pg_stat_progress_* views using menus.
b371223 Make the following functions workings: toggle all/user tables, change query age.
cc89c7e Make the following functions workings: toggle show idle connections.
9cc2da7 Make views completely switchable.
4ab0d0b Make views switching possible.
9813ec8 Makefile: remove race target, run tests with '-parallel 1' to avoid terminating concurrent postgres processes when executing 'Test_killGroup'.
3fa7bdf Merge pull request #83 from dmfay/master
c31f2c0 Minor edits of comments, message templates, errors.
28d958f Minor edits of ethtool.go.
7f0df1b Minor edits of top/help.
d767ee7 Minor edits of top/menu, add comments, error handling, add TODOs, add test.
15d02b1 Minor edits of top/pgconfig, edit comments, add error handling.
4a1b4e9 Minor edits, add comments, function rearrangement.
5604376 Move all queries into separate package.
d7f7639 Move changeRefresh to top/config_view; add tests.
a582ab8 Move global var into app struct.
a865f64 Move menu-related global variables into config.
e1e18eb Move pgcenter.go into cmd package.
6d07e79 Profile refactoring: add test for cmd/profile.
0b6ffea Profile refactoring: refactor state-changing logic.
85f1868 Profile refactoring: remove global vars, remove use of goroutines, use ticker in loop logic, print data to io.Writer.
d933542 Profile refactoring: reorganize logic, add tests.
5bd48bd Profile: enable command. Minor edits in sub-command settings.
6a44ab7 Record: fix continuous recording when running with no startup options/args. Don't close recorder's file descriptor when signalled, it's already done before 'select'.
a2ff31a Record: rename 'collector' interface to 'recorder'.
4621041 Record: rename 'truncate' cmd option to 'append' - keep the same as in previous versions.
d5585a8 Record: use timer instead of ticker to avoid saving files with duplicated timestamps.
91d0992 Refactor Makefile targets.
72484f2 Refactoring 'stat' module: implement cpu usage stats.
86b37bf Refactoring 'stat' module: implement meminfo stats.
00b21bb Refactoring 'stat' module: implement root structures, add loadavg stats.
cf07ecc Refactoring postgres stat code.
cf18efe Refactoring top/extra: remove 'aux', add comments, simplify switch-wrapped logic.
310a78d Refactoring top/pgkill: add tests.
ff0c3e1 Refactoring: add error handling.
620a11b Refactoring: add proper postgres connection closing on tests.
d079dce Refactoring: add tests, minor edits.
70a75cc Refactoring: enable 'config' sub-command.
9eaed79 Refactoring: fix disabling extra stats.
5919fdb Refactoring: increase string limit.
4350663 Refactoring: move errSaved global variable into 'app'.
df010ac Refactoring: remove cmdTimer global variable, replace global const with in-place variables.
b28bf54 Refactoring: rename doExit to uiExit, remove doUpdate, reorganize exit handler, add tests.
2c001b1 Remove 'context' entity. Introduce 'view' instead and put it to the config. View is a configurable entity which define reflect program behaviour.
c5f7a8b Remove 'util' argument in query.NewOptions; fix unused StringLimit option in record.
c786241 Remove TODOs related to diskstats/netdev - don't need to fix them. Adjust comments.
fba76eb Remove deprecated code, tidy go.mod.
0ed6739 Remove deprecated uiLoop().
59cac19 Remove global variables in 'top' command: #2 refactor input args in way to moving to use pgx module.
80f3f1c Remove global variables in 'top' command: #3 remove almost all global vars.
38166b9 Remove global variables: #1 move sync.WaitGroup into uiLoop().
8c9d7ea Remove unnecessary constants.
508d29a Remove unnecessary travis and old goreleaser configs; attempt to fix test which hangs when executing under GH Actions.
2469d98 Rename func and struct names; add 'app' container.
9e82f5e Rename top/error -> top/errrate, make type/method private, add tests.
55a0c57 Report: add initial tests.
cdca194 Report: enable 'describe' functionality.
9897848 Report: enable order functionality.
e6b2483 Report: fix 'today' dependant tests.
ee04c0a Report: fix cmd short parameter for rate; refactor start/end time processing; fix ordering stats; add more tests.
b1ca314 Report: fix descriptions for start/end options.
1456357 Report: reorder structs fields; add print header report function; adjust help message accordingly to changes.
e4bfe70 Report: round rate interval that less than 1 seconds.
be3509b Return error if empty query passed to NewPGresult.
60b53e3 Return fake queryid for pg_stat_statements - it provides uniqueness using single column.
f6744c9 Revert changes of showHelp().
f7b55f7 Silence errors and usage messages produced by cmd lib (native errors returned by sub-commands are kept).
bd2a794 Simplify views creation: format queries when configure views.
1758b9f Store native config in DB struct instead of driver-specific.
c2cd663 Switching to new refactored functions; remove obsoleted code.
174ea15 Temporarily disable all commands except 'top'.
d3904e1 Testing, setup dedicated testing environment: - make tests avoid to run against service listening on standard (5432) port. - add pgcenter-testing Dockerfile considered for testing purposes. - converge tests execution in docker image and local execution.
6b4b9d0 Tidy go.mod, minor edits.
4f26fcb Tiny edits in cmd.
2c89c76 Top: add query selector for activity query of pg_stat_statements.
9449144 Top: fix keeping of extra stats after using external utils (psql, pager, editor).
7b7a298 Top: fix printing errors when reading stats failed.
c69faab Top: move code to create info string into dedicated function.
6dff5ba Top: refactor dialogPrompts global variable to function.
c332fd7 Top: unify dialog-related handlers.
31532c3 Top: use native queryid in pg_stat_statements views, refactor query reports.
15b9708 Update Dockerfile.
b2e6321 Use value instead of pointer when working with postgres.Config and TestConfig.
a4630e7 When user changes 'view', pass it from UI goroutine to stats goroutine.
46c3b93 merge refactoring branch
9b40a73 postgres connection options processing: fix ignore of PGPORT libpq env var; add processing for PGOPTIONS env var.
08da5d4 preserve spacing when collapsing multiline queries
1350546 record: add 'collector' interface, wrap all tar-based logic into tarCollector; add tests.
d274e4c record: adjust cmd help strings; use millisecond interval when using 'oneshot' - ticker panics when getting zero duration value.
1082088 record: implement 'app' container, remove dead code.
ed3723d record: replace time.After() with time.Ticker.
eef3baf record: return use ticker instead of timer; create filename at the same time when adding the file header.
be08d81 stat: move checking postgres state from collectActivityStat() to collector.Update().
3ca589f top: fix keeping query options in config after app setup.
18ec825 top: fix set/show process mask.
a12242c top: fix wrong condition for printing query report.
96eac32 top: improve errors handling when print db stat.
91d0d31 top: make condition for detecting waiting backends more narrow.
4a58790 top: remove obsoleted file-heading comments.
042db5b values/columns aligning: for values longer than column names use width equal to value length, but no longer than 32.

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