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ESP8266-AirQuality Build Status

Multi-sensor DIY air quality gathering and reporting node. See the Less Smog project for more details. Based on the immensely popular ESP8266.

How do I put one together?

See Instructions.

  • D1 - SDA
  • D2 - SCL
  • D5 - PM Sensor TXD
  • D6 - PM Sensor RXD
  • VU - PM Sensor +5V
  • G - GND

Must have

  • DIY instructions for putting one together yourself
  • feature: report detected sensor during hello
  • feature: channel with sticky messages about firmware versions etc
  • feature: MDNS advertising (for easier configuration)
  • feature: Easy WiFi configuration (YellowCanary_MAC_ADDRESS)
  • feature: topic for sending diagnostics (errors, etc)
  • feature: BME280 support


  • Calculate average & stddev and report

Nice to have

  • feature: be able to tell PMS5003 apart from PMS7003
  • feature: detect other nodes on the network, and advertise via MDNS accordingly
  • feature: Reporting over HTTPS (when MQTT is filtered out)
  • sensor: Sharp GP2Y10


  • bug: handle a case when temp/humidity sensor is not connected
  • sensor: Plantower PMS3003
  • feature: LED air quality indicator
  • feature: auto-detect a connected sensor and configure
  • sensor: Nova Fitness SDS011
  • sensor: Plantower PMS7003
  • sensor: Plantower PMS5003
  • feature: Reporting over MQTT
  • feature: OTA updates
  • sensor: HTU21D
  • feature: a 'hello' callback to indicate the node has been restarted