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GUIs for Less.js

Tip: try out the different Less tools available for your platform to see which one meets your needs.

This page focuses on GUI compilers. For command line usage and tools see Command Line Usage.

Cross platform

Crunch 2!

The editor and compiler for awesome people.

Crunch 2 is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) editor with integrated compiling. If you work with large Less projects, you should definitely try it out, as you only need the free version for Less files. Available at:

Crunch screenshot


SimpLess is a minimalistic Less compiler. Just drag, drop and compile.

One of the unique features of SimpLess is that it supports 'prefixing' your CSS by using SimpLess is built on the Titanium platform. Get more info:

SimpLess screenshot


Koala is a cross-platform GUI application for compiling less, sass and coffeescript.

Features: cross platform, compile error notification supports and compile options supports.

Get more info:

koala screenshot


Prepros is a tool to compile Less, Sass, Compass, Stylus, Jade and much more.

Get more info at

Prepros screenshot

Specific platforms



WinLess started out as a clone of, it takes a more feature-complete approach and has several settings. It also supports starting with command line arguments.

Get more info:

WinLess screenshot



CodeKit is the successor to, and supports Less among many other preprocessing languages, such as SASS, Jade, Markdown, and many more.

Get more info:

CodeKit screenshot


CSS edits and image changes apply live. CoffeeScript, SASS, Less and others just work.

Get more info:

LiveReload screenshot



Plessc is a gui fronted made with PyQT.

Auto compile, log viewer, open the less file with the editor chosen, settings for compile the file. Get more info:

Plessc screenshot