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Less Plugins

Available Less plugins. Find more at GitHub and NPM Registry

Postprocessor/Feature Plugins

Autoprefixer Add vendor prefixes
CSScomb Beautify/format
clean-css Compress/minify
CSSWring Compress/minify
css-flip Generate left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) CSS
functions Write custom Less functions in Less itself
group-css-media-queries Group CSS media queries
inline-urls Convert url() to a call to data-uri()
lesshint Lint your Less
lists Lists/arrays manipulation (incl. loops)
pleeease Postprocess using pleeease
rtl Reverse from ltr to rtl
variables-output Export top-level variables to a JSON file


sass2less Import and convert Sass/SCSS files into your Less code (incl. variables, mixins and more)

Import Plugins

bower-resolve Import from a Bower package
glob Globbing support in Less imports
npm-import Import from npm packages
resolve-blocks Going up a tree to find specified component

Function Libraries

advanced-color-functions Functions to find more contrast colors
cubehelix A cubehelix function
lists Lists/arrays manipulation functions
urlencode URL Encode function
util A set of utility functions

Framework Importers

Bootstrap Bootstrap
Cardinal Cardinal
Flexbox Grid Flexbox Grid
Flexible Grid System Flexible Grid System
Ionic Ionic
Lesshat Lesshat
Skeleton Skeleton