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Third Party Compilers

Node.js Compilers

  • grunt-contrib-less
  • assemble-less: Full-featured Grunt.js plugin for compiling Less files to CSS, with additional options for maintaining libraries of Less components and themes. For advanced users, this plugin allows you to define and manage Less "packages" or "bundles" using JSON, Lo-dash(underscore) templates (e.g. <%= bootstrap.less %>), and node-glob / minimatch (e.g. '../src/**/*.less"). assemble-less also has a number of options including minifying CSS
  • gulp-less: Please note that this plugin discards source-map options, opting to instead using the gulp-sourcemaps library.
  • autoless: A Less files watcher, with dependency tracking (changes to imported files cause other files to be updated too) and growl notifications.
  • Connect Middleware for Less: Connect Middleware for Less compiling

Other Technologies

Wro4j Runner CLI Download the wro4j-runner.jar file and run the following command:

java -jar wro4j-runner-1.5.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar --preProcessors lessCss

More details can be found here: Wro4j Runner CLI

CSS::LESSp styles.less > styles.css

Windows Script Host

Note - the official Less node runs on windows, so we are not sure why you would use this.

Less.js for Windows with this usage:

cscript //nologo lessc.wsf input.less [output.css] [-compress]


lessc input.less [output.css] [-compress]


dotless for Windows can be run like this:

dotless.Compiler.exe [-switches] <inputfile> [outputfile]

Also see:

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