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Adds the ability for less to import from npm packages

lessc usage

Install with npm

npm install -g less-plugin-npm-import

In less file:

@import "npm://packagename/path/to/file.less";

or if importing a css file an import option is required:

@import (less) "npm://packagename/path/to/file.css";

css/less extensions not necessary

prefix - default: npm://

Command line usage

lessc --npm-import file.less file.css
lessc --npm-import="prefix=~" file.less file.css

Programmatic usage

var NpmImportPlugin = require("less-plugin-npm-import"),
    options = { plugins: [new NpmImportPlugin({prefix: '~'})] };
less.render(css, options)

Browser usage

Browser usage is not supported.


run the tests by running node test You require the dev dependencies installed (which includes less)