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Hi there,

Despite my best efforts, I can't seem to get this up and running with my Grunt setup, and I would really appreciate some guidance. At present, I've got my Grunt tasks split out into individual task files within a /grunt directory using the load-grunt-config plugin: So my less compilation task is all defined within /grunt/less.js, for example.

How can I integrate less-plugin-npm-import into my Grunt setup so that I can include npm @import statements in my less files? I've installed the package already, however when I try to run my Grunt build I get `the following:

Running "less" (less) task
>> FileError: 'npm://my-npm-package.less' wasn't found in src/less/main.less on line 4, column 1:

Clearly I need to formally call/include the task - how can I do this? Thanks!


Closing as not an issue.

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