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Bug Reports

  • Please create a short test case
  • Test with the latest version
  • indicate how you use less - browser/lessc/external tool

Feature Requests

  • Please search feature requests to see if something similar exists already
  • include a use-case - we do not add language features without a reason
  • consider whether your language feature would be better as a function

Pull Requests


  • Please add a feature request first to see if people are pro or con. If it is solving an existing issue, but is different, add a new issue and make sure you get agreement from a couple of the core contributors. Otherwise you risk your hard work being rejected.
  • do not change the dist/ folder - we do this when releasing
  • tests - please add tests for your work. use make test to see if they pass node.js tests and make browser-test to see the browser (PhantomJS) tests pass.
  • spaces not tabs
  • end lines in semi-colons - loosely aim towards jslint standards (alot of code fails already - don't just follow this pattern if it is bad practice)


For more info see

If you want to take an issue just add a small comment saying you are having a go at something, so we don't get duplication.

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