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Expose method for `@import`ing LESS files #1241

jonschlinkert opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I would like to be able to @import LESS files programmatically without actually touching an import statement.

I'm currently using some non-less.js hacks/workarounds to do this (with assemble-less in particular), but I'm wondering if there is a better, native Less.js solution. This would be a powerful feature for 3rd party build systems.


as-in tell less.js to import a file but also treat the file like it has x,y,z import statements at the top?


Hi @jonschlinkert,

I'm still not sure I understand this feature request?

@lukeapage lukeapage added the NeedsInfo label

@lukeapage sorry, this is so old I apologize for not following up the last time you commented. most likely I didn't see your reply. I believe I was looking for a way to programmatically inject import statements (or some equivalent) into the parse tree.

I'm going to close for now so I don't distract you with this. If I can come up with an example, I'll link it here, and if you think it's worth it maybe we can re-open.

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