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As far as i understand ctx.debugInfo.fileName already contains the full path including protocol, so prepending file: is not necessary.

@bassjobsen bassjobsen double proctocol
As far as i understand `ctx.debugInfo.fileName` already contains the full path including protocol, so prepending `file:` is not necessary.

This is for mefia query embedded source maps... I dont know enough about that format, but this currently works (your change breaks tests) so i am not sure this change is right.
what was your motivation for thd change?


Well i see, i will run the test before committing next time.
But i also found that the test differs from me observation.
When i run in browser:

<link type="text/css" href="bootstrap3/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less" rel="stylesheet/less">
var less = {
env: "development",
dumpLineNumbers: "mediaquery",
<script src="/less.js"></script><!-- v2.2.0 -->

My inline compiled CSS code contains lines like:

@media -sass-debug-info{filename{font-family:file\:\/\/http\:\/\/testdrive\/bootstrap3\/bootstrap\/less\/normalize\.less}line{font-family:\0000319}}

having file\:\/\/http\:\/\/.

When i run the above code via the file:// protocol the links start with file\:\/\/file\:\/\/.

I try to run the FireLess add-on by @simonedeponti, also see:


I see. I think you need to determine if the file has a protocol first. that might be tricky since you may have c:\file.less which does not have a protocol - but you can probably assume the protocol is (https?|file): since fireless won't support anything else.

@lukeapage lukeapage closed this in 7eb3d63 Jan 27, 2015

I reimplemented this with a protcol check - let me know if this doesn't work


it works, thank you very much

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