matthew-dean Feature/rewrite urls (#3248)
* Rename relativeUrls option to rewriteUrls

* Refactor contexts.js

- Rename isPathRelative to pathRequiresRewrite
- Add special handling for rewriteUrls=relative
- Add rewritePath for path rewriting
- Ensure that explicit relative paths stay explicit relative
- Remove code style inconsistencies

* Add missing tests for url rewriting

* Rename rewrite-urls option value to explicit-relative

* Add missing tests for url rewriting

* Refactor rewrite urls options

- Rename explicit-relative to local
- Add rewrite-urls argument validation
- Replace unknown CSS property background-url with background-image

Based on discussion #3041

* Re-add tests for deprecated relative-urls option

* Improve tests

- Remove redundant tests
- Add rootpath-rewrite-urls-all test
- Add rootpath-rewrite-urls-local test

* Fix typo in unknown argument warning

* Revert old tests to deprecated relativeUrls option again

* Added more CSS Grid tests

* All tests passing

*  Merge branch 'master' into feature/rewrite-urls (#3282)

* WIP - Added strictMath: 'division' option

* Removes `less-rhino` (broken for a long time) - Fixes #3241

* Expressions require a delimiter of some kind in mixin args

* Removes "double paren" issue for boolean / if function

* WIP each() re-implementation

* Allows plain conditions without parentheses

* Added each() and tests

* Added tests calling mixins from each()

* Fixes #1880 - Adds two new math modes and deprecates strictMath

* Allows named args for detached ruleset (anonymous mixin)

* Makes sure this doesn't regress needing parens around mixin guard conditions

* Remove javascriptEnabled from browser options check, add to defaults

* Workaround weird Jasmine conversion of < to HTML entity

* Removes remaining Rhino cruft

* Remove rhino files from bower

* Bump Jasmine version

* Added .() example to each

* v3.6.0

* Update

* add explicit nested anonymous mixin test

* add explicit nested anonymous mixin test result

* derp: align test with expected output

* v3.7.0 (#3279)

* Update

* Rewrite the rewriteUrls feature to use same pattern as strictMath-to-math

* Update console warning for --relative-urls
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