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Note: From now on, new development on LESS will be happening in http://github.com/less/less.js

See http://github.com/cowboyd/less.rb for less ruby development.


It's time CSS was done right – LESS is leaner css.


to get the latest development version:

sudo gem install less -s http://gemcutter.org

to get the latest stable version:

sudo gem install less


LESS allows you to write CSS the way (I think) it was meant to, that is: with variables, nested rules and mixins!

Here's some example LESS code:

@dark: #110011;
.outline (@width: 1) { border: (@width * 10px) solid black }

.article {
    a { text-decoration: none }
    p { color: @dark }

And the CSS output it produces:

.article a { text-decoration: none }
.article p { color: #110011 }
.article { border: 30px solid black }

If you have CSS nightmares, just $ lessc style.less

For more information, see you at http://lesscss.org

People without whom this wouldn't have happened a.k.a Credits

  • Dmitry Fadeyev, for pushing me to do this, and designing our awesome website
  • August Lilleaas, for initiating the work on the treetop grammar, as well as writing the rails plugin
  • Nathan Sobo, for creating treetop
  • Jason Garber, for his magical performance optimizations on treetop
  • And finally, the people of #ruby-lang for answering all my ruby questions. apeiros, manveru and rue come to mind