Playing around with dynamic grids for forms. Here's a poorly done screencast on the original release's codebase. I know my haml and sass could be cleaner so contribute if you like the concept
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LessForms, screw grid frameworks

*I'm experimenting with a simple grid framework for forms.

This project uses iMathis' StaticMatic Starter, read below.

StaticMatic Starter!

This is what I use when I start a new StaticMatic project.


Cutting edge alert: I'm using a prerelease version of StaticMatic for now. When it is released as stable, I'll update this. If gem -v shows that you're already on ruby gems 1.3.6 or greater Simply run

gem install staticmatic --pre

If your ruby gems version is behind, you'll need to update ruby gems first, then install StaticMatic as shown above.

gem update --system

If you haven't already, you'll also need to install these gems:

gem install fssm
gem install compass
gem install fancy-buttons

Compass Configuration

Now StaticMatic automatically detects the compass configuration and loads in your settings from /config/compass.rb. I currently have my configuration set such that relative_assets = true I often deploy to subdirectories on a development server to share my static prototypes. If you are deploying to root directories, you will probably want to comment out the relative_assets line or remove it.


  • rake build builds the site
  • rake watch watches your project directory and automatically recompiles the site as you change files
  • rake deploy deploys the site to your remote server (based on your configurations in the rakefile)

That's about it, pretty simple really.