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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria 5.4.7 (18019) - We are always recruiting
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JadeCore 5.4.7
Average time to resolve an issue
Percentage of issues still open
Coverity Scan Build Status

#Project General Information

Patch 5.4.7 18019 (soon 5.4.8 18414)

  • Level 90
  • Daily Commits
  • Great Stability
  • Classes are working at least 98%
  • Professionally Developed
  • All Class Combinations and Races are Fixed
  • Siege of Orgrimmar Available and scripted (not fully yet)

This is the new source of JadeCore we are updating slowly adding new scripts and new, and if you want to help us in this project, we will be grateful! Any help will be appreciated! Sincerely, JadeCore Open Source Emulator™.

#Required files









JadeCore Open Source Emulator™ is a team of programmers without professional profits that make games Framework MMORPG mainly based on C ++. It is completely free your projects. Are inspired by the designs of TrinityCore with open source, projects undergo major changes over time to optimize, improve and clean the base of the code at the same time improving the mechanics in the game and functionality.

This source is completely free development of that depends on everyone. I hope the community enough encouragement and help us improve it.

If you wish to contribute ideas or code please visit our website at the link below or to send requests to our [Github repository] (

For more information about the project, visit our website at project [JadeCore Open Source Emulator] (#)


  • Platform: Linux, Windows or Mac
  • Processor supporting SSE2
  • ACE = 5.8.3 (included for Windows)
  • MySQL = 5.1.0 (included for Windows)
  • CMake = 2.8.0
  • OpenSSL = 1.0.0
  • GCC = 4.7.2 (Linux only)
  • MS Visual Studio = 12 (2013)(Windows only)

Reporting issues

Issues can be reported via the Github issue tracker.

Please take the time to review existing issues before submitting your own to prevent duplicates.

In addition, thoroughly read through the issue tracker guide to ensure your report contains the required information. Incorrect or poorly formed reports are wasteful and are subject to deletion.

Submitting fixes

Fixes are submitted as pull requests via Github. For more information on how to properly submit a pull request, read the how-to: maintain a remote fork.


License: GPL 2.0

Read file COPYING

Authors & Contributors

This project is brought to you thanks to:




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