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Demonstration of BoofCV for Android devices. BoofCV is an open source Java computer vision library. The source code for this application is made freely available without restriction. BoofCV has been released under an Apache 2.0 license.

Source Code:

Examples and Learning BoofCV

The demonstration code contained in this repository is not very good to learn from. The core concepts are hidden under a lot of infrastructure and GUI code. The most bare bones example code can be found at the following websites:

Maven Central

Too add BoofCV to your Android project put the following inside of app/build.gradle.

dependencies {
    ['boofcv-android', 'boofcv-core'].each {
        String a -> api group: 'org.boofcv', name: a, version: '0.40' }

Help Wanted!

Help improve BoofCV on Android! Some of these might even qualify for a small bounty.


Just load into Android Studio and everything should compile and work just fine. No need to download jars yourself. Gradle will handle that all for you. I recommend ignoring requested by Android Studio to upgrade parts of the script. Historically those "upgrades" have broken things horribly and require additional modifications to fix it.

Build Variants

  • debug Let's you see debug output and put breakpoints in the code bug is MUCH MUCH slower to run
  • fast Turns off debugging and runs at full speed
  • release Is for release and requires encryption keys

Crash Reporting

ACRA is used to report crashes. To prevent me from getting spammed by weird errors when people hack this code the destination address for ACRA isn't checked into the repository. To add error reporting create a text file with the address here:



See this old blog post

  • Author: Peter Abeles
  • Date: April 22, 2018

P.S. Holy sh** I first released this in 2013?? P.P.S. Still updating in 2022!


Demonstration of BoofCV for Android devices






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