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Plugin for Sketch app, helping to maintain proportions of layers and artboards


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Sketch plugin that helps to maintain simple layer proportions.

Simple proportions of shapes in most cases look aesthetically better than random. For now it supports 1:1, 2:1, 4:3 and 16:9 built-in proportions where first number is width and second is height.

You can also use custom proportions by adding ::prop to the layer/artboard name (where "prop" can be any simple fraction) and than pressing ctrl+alt+shift+e. For example, adding ::1/2 to 100×100 layer name gets you 50×100 layer.

Formr supports layers, artboards, and multiple selection.

Works with Sketch 48+


  1. To even out proportions press ctrl+alt+shift+e
  2. To use 2:1 proportion press ctrl+alt+shift+h
  3. To use 4:3 proportion press ctrl+alt+shift+j
  4. To use 4:3 proportion press ctrl+alt+shift+k
  5. To use custom proportion via layer name pattern press ctrl+alt+shift+l

For other options, as for now, please use plugin menu.




Sketch Runner

  1. Install Runner
  2. Launch Runner CMD+'
  3. Install Formr

Sketch Toolbox

  1. Install Sketch Toolbox
  2. Launch Toolbox and search for "Formr"
  3. Click Install button


Install Formr with Sketchpacks


  1. Download and unpack zip.
  2. Install by double-clicking formr.sketchplugin file or by manually putting it into path-to-user/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins folder.