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Redmine Thumbnails plugin

The Thumbnails plugin adds ability to insert attachment's thumbnails into issues, documents and wiki pages


  • Wiki macro to insert thumbnail

  • Reference to attachment in any issue

  • Specify width and height (and set default values in plugin settings)

  • Button in attachment list to copy thumbnail code to clipboard

Getting the plugin

A copy of the plugin can be downloaded from GitHub

Installation and Setup

  1. Install plugin redmine_image_cache

  2. Follow the Redmine plugin installation steps at

  3. Make sure you have installed ImageMagick and mini_magick gem

  4. Restart your Redmine web servers (e.g. mongrel, thin, passenger)

Example Usage

{{thumb(example.png, issue=123)}}
{{thumb(example.png, width=300)}}
{{thumb(example.png, width=300, height=200)}}

Project help

If you need help you can contact the maintainer at the Bug Tracker. The bug tracker is located at

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