A little puzzle game written with JavaFX 8
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This is a little Game written with JavaFX (8). It's a remake of a game I have developed some time ago with Java Swing.

ColorPuzzleFX screenshot


The starting point is a grid of cells with different colors. The player controls a single cell in the top left corner. By changing the color of the controlled cell all cells in the neighborhood with the same color will now be controlled too. The goal is to occupy the whole grid with as few steps as possible.

Play the game

You can download a runnable JAR from the release-secton of github. To run the game you need Oracles Java version 8 installed.

Build the game

To build the game you need the build system gradle to be installed. You can then run ./gradlew run (linux/mac-os) or gradlew.bat run (windows) on the command line to execute the application.

A runnable JAR can be created with ./gradlew shadowJar. The JAR file is then located under build/libs/colorpuzzlefx-all.jar.