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GaMerZ File Explorer

Enables you to browse a folder on the web like Windows Explorer. It has the ability to search for folders and files too.



  • GFE_ROOT_DIR - The absolute path of the folder that you want to show it's contents (without trailing slash).
  • Example: /home/user/public_html/files
  • GFE_ROOT_URL - The URL to that folder (without trailing slash).
  • Example:
  • GFE_DIR - The absolute path of the folder you uploaded the files of GaMerZ File Explorer (without trailing slash).
  • Note: You can upload GaMerZ File Explorer into the same folder as the contents that you want to show.
  • Example: /home/user/public_html/files
  • GFE_URL - The URL to that folder (without trailing slash).
  • Note: You can upload GaMerZ File Explorer into the same folder as the contents that you want to show.
  • Example:
  • GFE_SITE_NAME - Your site name
  • GFE_SITE_DESCRIPTION - Your site description
  • GFE_ROOT_FILENAME - Web Server directory index. Normally you do not need to change this.
  • GFE_NICE_URL - Search engine friendly URLs. See below.
  • Example Nice URL:
  • Example Normal URL:
  • GFE_CAN_SEARCH - By setting to true, you allow users to search for files in GaMerZ File Explorer.
  • GFE_DEFAULT_SORT_BY - Default sort field.
  • Values can be name, size, type or date.
  • GFE_DEFAULT_SORT_ORDER - Default sort order.
  • Values can be asc or desc.

To Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs

If you are using Apache, upload .htaccess to the folder where you uploaded GaMerZ File Explorer.

If you are using Nginx, paste the below configuration in your nginx.conf file.

location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;
rewrite ^/sortby/(.+[^/])/sortorder/(.+[^/])/?$ /index.php?by=$1&order=$2 last;
rewrite ^/browse/(.+[^/])/sortby/(.+[^/])/sortorder/(.+[^/])/?$ /index.php?dir=$1&by=$2&order=$3 last;
rewrite ^/browse/(.+[^/])/?$ /index.php?dir=$1 last;
rewrite ^/viewing/(.+[^/])/?$ /view.php?file=$1 last;
rewrite ^/download/(.+[^/])/?$ /view.php?file=$1&dl=1 last;

Upload These Files To The Directory You Specify In GFE_DIR

  • Folder: resources
  • File: .htaccess (might be hidden)
  • File: 404.php
  • File: config.php
  • File: functions.php
  • File: index.php
  • File: search.php
  • File: settings.php
  • File: view.php


Version 2.0.0 Beta 2 (11-10-2018)

  • NEW: Logo by @mirzazulfan
  • NEW: Added .editorconfig and tidy up code

Version 2.0.0 Beta 1 (21-09-2015)

  • NEW: New design using Bootstrap with Font Awesome

Version 1.2.0 (01-02-2006)

  • NEW: XHTML 1.1 Compatible Now

Version 1.20 Beta 3 (24-10-2006)

  • FIXED: Error Displaying File Size More Than 2GB

Version 1.20 Beta 2 (25-03-2005)

  • NEW: Added Default Sort Options
  • NEW: HTML View Using IFRAME
  • NEW: Added HTML View/HTML Source Option For HTML Files
  • NEW: Added A JavaScript File Called javasript.js
  • FIXED: Moved <style></style> Before
  • FIXED: Changed content-type To utf-8

Version 1.20 Beta (01-02-2005)

  • NEW: Search Engine Now Implemented
  • NEW: Added GB To The File Size
  • NEW: .w3x Extensions Added
  • FIXED: File Type Will Be 'Unknown' If File Type Is Not Registered In settings.php Instead Of Blank

Version 1.10 (01-12-2005)

  • NEW: Now Support Nice URL Via Apache's mod_rewrite. User Can Choose To Enable/Disable Nice URL Option It In config.php
  • NEW: Rewrote The Codes That Displays The Files And Folders, Now There Will Be No '/' In Front Of Any Folders Or Files
  • NEW: settings.php Will Now Contain Most Of The Default Settings, So For Future Versions, You Do Not Need To Overwrite config.php Anymore
  • NEW: Ability To Sort By Type
  • NEW: Proper HTML Error Page
  • NEW: title="" Being Added To Almost Every <td>
  • NEW: favicon.ico Added
  • NEW: .mdb|.mov|.msi|.ra|.rm|.tif|.wma|.wmv Extensions Added
  • FIXED: Extension Not Showing When It Is In Upper Case
  • FIXED: Files Listed In $ignore_files And $ignore_folders Will Now Be More Specified. If Ignore File Is 'test/test.htm', Only 'test.htm' In 'test' Folder Will Be Ignored Rather Than 'test.htm' Throughout All The Folders
  • FIXED: No More Use Of PHP Short Tag
  • FIXED: Unknown Or Undefined File Extension, The File Extension Image Will Now Be unknown.gif
  • FIXED: Invalid Checking Of Directory in view.php
  • FIXED: Grammar Mistakes For Singular And Plural
  • FIXED: No Extension Given If There Is Spaces In The File Name That Is Being Downloaded

Version 1.00 (09-09-2005)

  • NEW: Public Release Of GaMerZ File Explorer


Enables you to browse and search for folders/files on the web just like Windows Explorer.








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