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suffix and template extension #10

xenoterracide opened this Issue · 3 comments

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follow up for RT #68799 and to resummarize here (sorry, just hating on RT)

suffix is not provided per docs in CVX::Helper in 0.12.

patch was added in the latest git.

The project I had been working on was killed / or moved to dancer; so I apologize for not getting back to you.

It looks like the test now passes if suffix is defined.

However, I I'm not sure I understand the difference between suffix and template_extension. It seems that the former is for Text::Xslate and the latter is for Catalyst. However, why would I want both? it would seem that perhaps they should simply be an alias? DWIM principle.


well like I said, template_extensions seems to be for catalyst route handling while suffix is for xslate (right?) from reading that. But I don't see why I would want both, it would seem to me that I would always want them both set to the same thing.


Agreed. I fail to see an use case where you'd want to set 'suffix' and 'template_extension' to different values. If my templates are named using '.foo' suffix, then I'd configure Text::Xslate's 'suffix' option to '.foo' and I wouldn't expect the C::View::Xslate to try and look for a template called '' (as per default value) or using whatever other suffix that might be in 'template_extension' option.

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