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0.01000_04 Apr 29 2011
* Supply SERVER_PORT (hbaragar)
* Use newer ZeroMQ API (hbaragar)
* Fix SCRIPT_NAME (hbaragar)
* Fix some internal hoopla (hbaragar)
* See if we can test for big uploads, too (lestrrat)
0.01000_03 Jan 24 2011
* Tested against mongrel2-1.5
* Adapt to mongrel2 changes
* use ZeroMQ 0.08 for ZeroMQ::Raw and much better behaved
memory management code
* Use Plack::TempBuffer for psgi.input
* Fix test numbering
0.01000_02 Sep 01 2010
* Tested against mongrel2-1.0rc1 (released Sept 1)
* Work with new m2sh
* Max content length is now configurable in mongrel2, so the
tests were enabled back.
* Known issues:
- Somewhere along the lines in the tests I'm not being able to
kill the handlers using regular measures, so I'm resorting to
using SIGKILL. I know it's bad manners. Patches welcome.
0.01000_01 Aug 23 2010
* Initial release
* All API and features should be considered unstable.
* Known issues:
- Mongrel2 has a fixed max content length for POST requests.