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Revision history for Perl module Git::PurePerl:
- allow put_object to update other heads than just 'master'
(thanks to martijn)
0.41 Tue Apr 21 20:41:07 BST 2009
- allow subdirectories in .git/refs/*/ (thanks to martijn)
- run protocol.t test with --base-path to not care about where
on the filesystem the checkout is (thanks to martijn)
- when parsing a commit, split up the author and committer
fields into name, email and commit time. This adds two new
DateTime fields, authored_time and committed_time to ::Commit
and changes the type of the author and committer fields to
Git::PurePerl::Actor, which is an object with name and
email fields (thanks to martijn)
- add the parent field to a new commit when available (thanks
to martijn)
- allow bare repositories with the gitdir parameter (thanks
to martijn)
- fill new commits with real author, authored_time, committer,
committed_time and comment (thanks to martijn)
0.40 Fri Mar 13 15:29:02 GMT 2009
- Skip protocol tests on Win32 (thanks to fayland)
- Add description (thanks to fayland)
0.39 Fri Mar 13 10:14:57 GMT 2009
- add a method to generate the sha1 of an object
- add a raw method to objects
- add new set of classes to add objects
- add class to talk the git protocol
- add a method to checkout the head
- add a method to return the references
- add a method to return the commit for a reference
- fix bug where it would not find an object if there was a
mixture of packs and loose objects
- fix bug to do with empty files
- split methods into those that returns sha1s and those that
return objects
- add class to index packs
- make it work under Win32 (thanks to fayland)
0.38 Thu Dec 18 10:26:49 GMT 2008
- add init() method to create a new repository
- create Git::PurePerl::Loose to handle loose objects
- make Git::PurePerl::Pack's all_sha1s return a stream
0.37 Fri Dec 12 16:18:02 GMT 2008
- add minimal docs (thanks to tokuhirom)
- speed everything up by making the classes immutable
- lazily build packs
- simplify the code by splitting pack index reading into
Git::PurePerl::PackIndex::Version1 and
- minor tidying of code
0.36 Wed Nov 26 21:49:33 GMT 2008
- add a class to represent tags
- complain if the directory does not have a .git directory
- remove commented-out code
- only open a pack file or index once
- remove some unnecessary seeks
0.35 Tue Nov 25 17:37:56 GMT 2008
- add Data::Stream::Bulk as a prerequisite
- add all_sha1s method
0.34 Fri Nov 21 17:20:17 GMT 2008
- speed up finding objects in pack files by using a
binary search algorithm
0.33 Thu Nov 20 09:28:36 GMT 2008
- add support for version 2 pack index files
- add support for ref_delta objects in pack files
- add support for ofs_delta objects in pack files
- update with cleaner tars
0.32 Fri Nov 14 16:47:59 GMT 2008
- initial release