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ZMQ::LibZMQ3 doesn't build on Strawberry Perl #13

laufeyjarson opened this Issue Sep 13, 2012 · 1 comment

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I've been trying to use ZMQ::LibZMQ3 on Strawberry Perl.

There's a couple of small problems.

One is this, from Makefile.PL:

Can't do inplace edit without backup at Makefile.PL line 101.

This is because Windows Perl can't do in-place edit.

A work-around is to change $^I to have a backup. I used ~ like gvim does:

Line 100 of Makefile.PL:
local $^I = '~';

That lets the Makefile.PL work.

Would you like a patch with that and an unlink of that file?


@laufeyjarson Yeah, a patch would be nice, especially as I wouldn't be able to test it myself

@zmughal zmughal referenced this issue in EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl May 12, 2015

ZMQ portability #1

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