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Implied Scenarios

This repository contains relevant files used for the paper published at the Journal of Systems and Software and the project named after the paper: Characterization of Implied Scenarios as Families of Common Behavior.

How do I get set up?

Code and Data are in their respective folders, while the modified LTSA-MSC plugin is in this root folder. Each folder contains a readme that better explains their files usage. An overview of the contents is presented below:

Python code

Everything was developed and tested on version 3.6.3, and libraries used are in the requirements file (inside code folder). Note that you need Graphviz installed to be able to use anytree's export method.

How to run this LTSA MSC-plugin version

The provided plugin (mscplugin_mod.jar) is a modified version of the original LTSA-MSC by Uchitel et al. It is able to collect multiple implied scenarios iteratively and export them to a text file. To use it, simply replace the original one in LTSA's plugins folder.

Who do I talk to?

caio[dot]batista[at]gmail[dot]com or genainarodrigues[at]gmail[dot]com


Relevant files used for the project 'Characterization of Implied Scenarios as Families of Common Behavior'.



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