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Choose the best font for your next project! Fontly shows all available local fonts in the fully customizable list. Change size, background, text and color!
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Fontly helps to choose the best font for your next project. It shows all available local fonts in the list which is fully customizable


  • Shows up every font locally installed on your machine by creating scrollable list
  • Has customizing functions such as text color, background color and text size
  • You can easily change text displaying in the list
  • Has search function to make you find your favourites fonts much easier


  1. Download installer by clicking at this link
  2. Run Fontly Installer
  3. Enjoy


There's some preview of Fontly in action.

Give your font a perfect shade! Don't be afraid of messing up with settings. Resetting them is nothing but pressing a button!
Color change Reset Settings
Find what you like! Express yourself with this amazing text presence changer!
Search Text presence
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