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#!/usr/bin/env python
__all__ = [ 'main' ]
# Quick script to see if this stuff works on another schema: DOAP's.
# For now, we find problems with accents ...'Versi\xf3n' vs 'Version'
import libvocab
from libvocab import Vocab
from libvocab import Term
from libvocab import Class
from libvocab import Property
from libvocab import DOAP
# Test DOAP spec
fn = 'examples/doap/doap-en.rdf'
# fn = 'examples/doap/doap.rdf'
spec = Vocab( fn )
# Note: I separated out a doap-en since libvocab makes assumptions of 'en'
# this avoids combinatorial explosion of spanish/french/eng labels vs comments
# TODO: don't assume the main index.rdf is monolingual (whether 'en' or other)
# spec = Vocab( DOAP )
spec.uri = DOAP
spec.index() # slurp info from sources
# print
for p in
print "Got a property: " + p
print p.simple_report().encode('UTF-8')
for c in spec.classes:
print "Got a class: " + c
print c.simple_report().encode('UTF-8')